Products for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Machines, Spare Parts and Consumables

  • tablet presses, filling-, packing-, cartoning-, printing and labelling machines, fluid bed dryers, softgel-encapsulation machines
  • parts & consumables such as mechanical tools, electrical devices, drives, sensors etc.

Tablet Compression

  • precision compression tooling (punch and die sets)
  • turrets and various other replacement parts for rotary presses
  • accessories for tablet presses (set-up tools, polishing and cleaning material, lubricants)
  • tablet deduster and hardness tester

Laboratory, Analysing and Processing Equipment

  • analytical measuring and testing equipment
  • stirrer, shaker and mixer
  • weighing systems
  • microscopes and optical instruments
  • pipettes, dispenser
  • cleaning and sterilisation materials
  • lab consumables (bottles, funnels, trays, etc)

Chromatography and Spectrometer

  • HPLC, GC and mass spectrometer
  • array detectors, autosampler
  • columns (analytical and capillary)
  • accessories and parts

Filtration and Separation

  • absolute filter
  • activated carbon filter
  • high efficiency filter
  • bag filter
  • filter candles
  • filter paper
  • filter discs
  • coalescers

Closures and Glasses for Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • stoppers for serum vials
  • stoppers for infusion bottles
  • stoppers for lyophilisation vials
  • parts for prefilled syringes/cartridges
  • parts for blood sampling systems
  • medical glasses: vials, cartridges and ampoules

Fine and Bulk Chemicals

  • fine chemicals (pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients, laboratory and industrial chemicals)
  • solvents for HPLC, analysis and synthesis
  • bulk chemicals
  • resins for water treatment
  • calcium and magnesium carbonates
  • magnesium oxides and hydroxides

Reference Standards, Impurities and Diagnostics

  • reference substances from the world’s pharmacopoeia (USP, EP, BP, WHO) for identification, limit and system suitability tests
  • certified pharmaceutical impurities
  • diagnostic materials
  • endotoxin standard controls (LAL test kits)


  • fittings, valves, clamps and installation material for pharmaceutical application
  • tubes and flexible hoses
  • o-rings and sealing material
  • self adhesive paper for reel application